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Interview / Betting on internationalization

July 09, 2019




Marcela Moncada of Metro Studio Films: Betting on internationalization

(Jaime Quintero). The Colombian production company Metro Studio Films, created in 1993 and whose objective has been the commercial ones, is now headed to tackle with more force what are the digital capsules, infographics, cinematics and animatics.

"Before we were working with a single client that we keep busy all year, now with the new media we manage we have added eight more clients, what we have for the Colombian market in an ideal way" says Marcela Moncada, commercial director of Metro Movies study.

"In 2020 we seek to position ourselves in the international market, we are currently working with Ecuador and we want to reach countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala," he adds. For Marcela, the market is changing and is important not only at the forefront of trends, but also be flexible, practical and have the necessary tools for customers to find everything necessary in Metro Studio Films.