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Su Red

Turn Su Red

  • Director : Paul Cataño
  • Client : Su Red
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : Florencia Abbondanza
  • Director of Photography : Luis Otero
  • Agency : The Brand
  • Effects : Metro Studio Films - Oscar Barrera, William Hooker


In this production we highlight each one of the brands and regions in which the Colombians can make transfers to every part of the country. Framed in the video format of the jingle "Su Red" performed by singer-songwriter Felipe Peláez


  • Colombia and Felipe Peláez in one single place.

    Foto comercial giros su red y felipe peláez


    The conception of this commercial was led by the director Paul Cataño that envisioned in this audiovisual piece the combination of two concepts, the first one "Colombia in a single place", which takes us into the idea of the neighborhood as that common space, in which most of the social interactions take place and where the brand is presence is the highest with its services to the community. We Colombians are a joyful people, marked by music, dance and clamor so we think of the second concept, with very strong roots in our country folk festivals: "Carnival."

    From this key ideas (Colombia in one place and Carnival), we come to the proposal of creating a carnival in a neighborhood that represents all those places where the network is present, united in a video clip, making use of various techniques and cinematographic tricks for a location that represent the 9 brands and the different regions, all with a sense of celebration and joy.

    Creating Barrio Colombia, as this one place that combines many regions of the country and is presented by the singer-songwriter Felipe Peleaz