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Gourmet Oil


  • Director : Alejandro Niño
  • Client : Team Foods
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : João Cruz
  • Director of Photography : Santiago Otoya
  • Music : Stock
  • Sound : Milton Gutiérrez
  • Agency : Value Ad
  • Effects : Metro Studio


Today we are happy! Meet the new commercial of the brand Aceite Gourmet directed by Alejandro Niño in the company of the Metro Studio team.
We love making this project a reality!


  • Behind The Scenes - Commercial Aceite Gourmet

    Our commercials inspire us every day to be the advertising producer in Bogotá with the highest quality standards in image and sound.

    Today we want to tell you some details of the commercial filmed for the Gourmet Oil brand by our friend and Director Alejandro Niño in the company of Director of Photography Santiago Otoya.

    The commercial called "Fritos" was filmed with 2 cameras (1 Alexa and 1 Arri Phantom) in which in 2 armed sets for filming an almost simultaneous sequence was achieved to get 28 shots in 1 day of filming. Our film crews play a very important role and every detail counts so that our audiovisual productions are unique.

    Fritos is a spot in which the star is oil and presents very appetizing oil plans, combined with recipes and consumptions; It is a commercial of closed shots, where the most important thing is the food and sensations, with an announcer that reminds us how delicious it is to eat fried, that you feel the quality of the oil and the dishes that we are going to prepare and of the final touch: music that goes hand in hand with your voice.

    Meet the TV commercial at:

    Team - Comercial Aceite Gourmet