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  • Director : Santiago López Ortiga
  • Client : Crem Helado
  • Field Producer : Jessika Estefan
  • Executive Producer : Adriana Rey
  • Director of Photography : Realizador Hector Suricata
  • Art Director : Lorena Márquez
  • Music : Diego Caceres
  • Sound : Diego Caceres
  • Agency : Value AD
  • Editor : Carlos Aparicio
  • Effects : Metro Studio


In Metro Studio we are with our clients every step of the way!
This are the digital capsules we produced for Cremoletta´s Campaign, as companions to the principal spot, in a B unit directed by Santiago López, a one day shoot
simultaneously with the commercial and photography shoot, where we capture every moment and make the most of our production, keeping the emotion of Cremoletta´s comeback in every part of the campaign