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About Us

Metro Studio began in 1993 producing commercial films of high creative and cinematographic quality. Since then we have consistently remained at the forefront in style, aesthetics, production processes and resource optimization. Our commitment with excellence in production has lead us to develop a very straight forward quality benchmark: an audiovisual piece of our is done when it is very well done.

We have become a fine machinery that produces fascinating cinematography. Our specialty: to craft visual stories that exceed convention. Short stories, long or medium ones, yet always extraordinary.

Our Values

Commitment, Leadership, Search for Excellence, Effectiveness, Respect, Sense of Belonging, and above all, the essence of each one of us is the foundation of our company.

Our Services

Commercials, branded content and documentaries, short films, documentaries, dramas and comedy.

Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about generation value for our clients with top notch cinematographic productions.

Our Team

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    Jonathan Gelber

    Jonathan Gelber

    Executive Producer Foreign Clients

    He has 30 years experience in TV and video commercials production. He has worked in Italy, USA (California and Florida) and in Colombia. Jonathan speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish. After graduating from the Arts Center in California, Jonathan moved to Italy, where he worked as a producer and photographer for over 6 years. Later on, he lived in Colombia, where he ran his own TV commercials and advertisement photography production company. Since 1996, Jonathan has been living in Miami, FL, from where he produces international TV commercials and video clips in Miami, LA, New Mexico, Nueva York and Bogotá. We feel lucky to have him in our team, he is a great friend and an excellent sailor.

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    Paco Babativa, Associate Producer

    Paco Babativa

    Associate Producer

    Jorge “PACO” Babativa, journalist from the Caldas University, he has over 25 years of experience in the industry. He started working in radio, but he quickly shifted into advertisement. For over 20 years he has been working in production, 15 of which have been in Metro Studio.  With a great work ethic, dedication and responsibility, Paco has been our invaluable ally in Metro Studio productions. His unique aproach towards physical production has allowed  him to deal with new challenges with diligence, joy and optimism. He stands out for his accomplishments, he always delivers what he promises. Paco´s feisty and commited spirit makes him a vital element for Metro Studio´s future plans.

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    Ricardo Torres, Assistant Director

    Ricardo Torres

    Assistant Director

    Born in Bogotá and mayored in Business at Universidad Externado de Colombia. Fifteen years ago he decided to enter the advertisement world: he liked it and he stayed in it. At first he worked in logistics and pre-production of commercials for medium sized production companies. Some years later, and in view of his abilities, he began working as assistant director for Metro Studio. That was twelve years ago. We are proud to count on him as part of the team

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    Marcela Moncada

    Marcela Moncada

    Commercial Manager

    Marcela is a Business Administrator with a specialization in strategic business management, she studied management skills at Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain.

    She has 11 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service, thanks to her combination of knowledge in these areas, she joins our team in order to lead the commercial area.

    Her great charisma fills us with energy and she never goes unnoticed.



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    Adriana Rey Productora Ejecutiva 2020

    Adriana Rey

    Productora Ejecutiva

    Publicist with a degree in Tv Production from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.

    She´s been working as an executive producer for over 20 years, in fields incluiding postproduction, advertising agency, tv production, commercial production and TV channel.

    Her work centers around proyect coordination, data analysis, budget, resources execution, team management and hiring, billing supervision, time management, customer service, all of this with the utmost joy for the job.

    Audiovisual is her thing.

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    Yina Chaparro

    Yina Chaparro

    Productora Ejecutiva de Animatics

    Yina was academically trained in audiovisual media with an emphasis on television at the Grancolombiano Polytechnic where she participated as an assistant director and producer in several fiction and non-fiction university projects.

    While she was finishing her studies, she interned as a content assistant for the news channel of the regional channel in Neiva (Huila) and a bit later as an executive production assistant during the postproduction of the feature film La Semilla del Silencio produced by Chapinero Films. It was in this independent film production company where she obtained experience in matters related to stimuli, festivals and film awards, as well as coordination during the stages of film promotion and distribution.

    Yina is now in our team to be the executive producer of animation and post-production coordinator, being the link between clients and collaborators; This is how she is responsible for ensuring effective and completed processes in record time.

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    Carlos Aparicio, Post Production

    Carlos Aparicio

    Post Production

    Carlos Eduardo Aparicio Reyes, editor. Graduated from Universidad de La Salle. He began his work in the advertisement world over 25 years ago. He has an extensive trajectory as a TV commercials, short films and videoclips editor. He has worked at Crear TV, Piñeros Productions and Metro Studio S.A. He trained in color correction with Future Media Concepts in New York. He is a remarkable talented and skilled editor and we are proud to count him in our team. “I know that a living almighty God exists, that supports our life and gives us strength and talent to be excellent in everything that we begin. God bless you”

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    Andrei Pikieris

    Andrei Pikieris

    VFX Compositor

    Andrei Pikieris Caicedo, is a Multimedia Engineer with over 10 years experience in post production. His skills and vast knowledge on the subject have taking him to work with worldwide clients and Ad agencies, he recently finished an advanced course in Digital Composition for film and advertising with Nuke. Apart from his curiosity and interest in the field, he also has a passion for sports and fitness, gaining various certifications on the subject in recent years.

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    William Hooker, 3D Animator

    William Hooker

    3D Animator

    William studied Industrial Design and specialized in Multimedia Design and Furniture Design. His skills in managing digital tools and sketching for developing projects led him to venture into 3D. For some years he worked for Metro Studio as designer on specific projects. He is now is fully incorporated on Metro Studio´s team, in charge of development, modelling, lighting and 3D rendering. In his spare time is devoted to cycling and he practices by biking to the office.

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    Milton Gutierrez, Sound

    Milton Gutierrez


    Bassist and music producer with 20 years of experience and studies in live sound and sound post production. His career started as a musician in Bogota´s rock scene, and has progressed into music production for several bands. His experience in advertisement, both jingle composition and sound design has defined his style as acoustic-analog, where capture of natural sounds and real instrumentation are paramount over digital music generation. In the last few years he has began developing soundtracks and musical composition for short films.

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    Laura Solaque, Editor

    Laura Solaque


    Laura is a graduate of the Politécnico Grancolombiano in Audiovisual Production with emphasis on TV and video. She won Experimenta Colombia on its 3.0 edition. She was part of the team of the IOM as a photographer, editor and workshop leader on the field and worked as editor in the documentary "Pijao Territory" for the SSCN. She has over eight years experience in commercials, documentaries and multimedia content as an editor and colorist. She loves cats and practices roller derby.

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    Jeannette Gelber

    Jeannette Gelber

    Productora Asociada

    Born in Bogotá, Colombia and educated in advertising at University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Jeannette has worked as an assistant director, producer coordinator, and executive producer for various companies for 12 years.
    Presently residing in Miami, Florida, her language skills have been easily maintained, keeping her fluent in English and Spanish and she can manage Italian.

    In Miami she has worked as a production coordinator in TV commercials and in still photography.
    More importantly, Jeannette has great interpersonal skills and exudes a comforting and efficient personal touch to this job which requires both, good communication skills and a complete understanding of a clients needs.

    Jeannette is also a certified Yoga teacher. 

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    Lorena Márquez, Art Director

    Lorena Márquez

    Art Director

    Graduated as an architect with an extension on textile design from U de los Andes, she is passionate about design and about spaces that tell stories. She has treaded in design for interiors, furniture, even costumes and accessories. In school she also took an interest in story and film, when she discovered she favoured audiovisual narrative.

    As our Art Director she creates the ambiance that surrounds each of our stories: spaces, objects, and all visual elements. She loves to learn and is very excited about the road she begins with us, deepening in knowledge and craft to create the better visual narrative for each project.

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    Claudia Granada

    Claudia Granada

    Post Production Assistant

    Claudia Granada, is a Professional Technician from Plastic Arts at School of Arts and Letters, and has done Photoshop and Illustrator courses with Professor Ivan Gómez.

    Additionally, she also education in Mocha Pro to do Rotoscopy for Tecnoquimicas commercials: Sal de frutas Lua , Vita C, Arroz Diana, Kola granulada, Crema No.4, Yodora and Altex.

    In Metro Studio, she works rotoscoping the commercials and is an essential part of our team.

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    Willman Castillo

    Wilman Castillo


    3D artist and graphic communicator, with over 8 years of experience in the graphic design industry. Before coming to Metro Studio Films, he was a 2D animator in the animated series “Las niñas de la guerra” for Hierro Tv, and   the VFX and 2D animation Leader in the Gravedad 1 series.

    In his free time he enjoys skating. 

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    Cristian Cuellar

    Cristian Cuellar


    From Huila originally, Cristian is a digital animator and 3d generalist, from a very small age he showed interest for the world of animation, editing and visual effects, working hard on this passion, he was awarded first place in the nation wide contest SenaSoft huila 2014. Since then he has worked for various companies around the country, and taking part in the post-production stages of some short films. 

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    Doris Martinez, Deputy Manager

    Doris Martínez

    Deputy Manager

    Mechanical Engineer with a Master´s degree in Engineering from Dartmouth College, and a Fulbright Scholar. After returning from USA she began working in computer animations in Metro Studio, developing, at the same time the digital postproduction department, years before anyone knew the meaning of the word. She also developed the  production managing processes which allow dependability and  flexibility of the production value chain. All part of the secret for the company's longevity.  Over the last 15 years she has overseen the managing of all production processes, optimizing time and resources.   Of course she relies on a great team to make her look good...

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    Liliana Janer, Financial Manager

    Liliana Janer

    Financial Manager

    Graduated in Business Administration, with living and working experience in the USA, Brazil, Paris and Colombia. She has been our Finances Manager since 1999, demonstrating to be one of our most valuable assets, as she has developed policies and strategies of values control, keeping us profitable and competitive. Her professionalism has made us perhaps the most organized medium enterprise our our industry. She is also expert in International Trade and is the leader of a group of experts in fiscal legislation, contracting, copy rights and talent administration. She keeps this boat sailing on time and with the right team...

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    Harrison Barreto, Production Coordinator

    Harrison Barreto

    Production Coordinator

    Harrison was born in Bogota. He is an Electronic Engineer by profession and a mathematician by passion. He has studies in accounting and finance and has worked several years in production and television technical support. He is now part of our team as Administrative Coordinator, in charge of production budget documentation and programming. He is vocalist and guitarist of a music ministry.

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    Yenni Benitez, Operating Assitant

    Yenni Benitez

    Operating Assitant

    Yenni was born in Santander. She has over 8 years of experience working in agencies in the administrative area, which is why she became part of Metro Studio´s team. She helps mainly by managing the suppliers documentation, communications and billing. She is the bridge between the administrative area and the executive producers. She always has a smile on her face and likes biking and spending time with her family.

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    José Manuel Guarín, Logistics Assistant

    José Manuel Guarín

    Logistics Assistant

    High School Graduate, soldier, Advertisement and Visual Effects student. José Manuel is highly energetic, resourceful and goa orientated. He is the face of Metro Studio in Bogotá. He is responsible of finding the craziest thing needed for the development of ideas and projects of the directors. A great part of our efficiency is in the capable hands of José Manuel. Additionally he is the axle for the logistics of the administrative processes in the company. 

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    Patricia Paez, Cafeteria, Office Assistant

    Patricia Paez

    Office Assistant

    Fortunately Patricia has a clear orientation to the inside and outside client. She has the responsibility to keep Metro Studio good looking, clean and tight. She is the responsible of the service of our clients, visitors and collaborators, thing she does with diligence and excellency. Additionally, she is the operating responsible for making our company an example of our ecological responsibility: recycle at 100% of the non organic material, water and energy saving, and the selection of eco friendly products. And the most important thing: the coffee she makes in the best one ever.